Ipomoea Earrings

Ipomoea Earrings


Unique earrings inspired by the morning glory flower! Each earring is made by blending a mulberry fiber bark(Thai Kozo) into a fine pulp that is then pulled over a steel frame and hand dyed with an archival ink. The pieces are then stitched with thread to add detail and set in oxidized sterling silver mountings. Paper products are made by Elysha in limited batches, please allow two to three weeks for your unique piece to be made! Color and sizes of flower sections may vary.

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Jewelry Care

Your handmade paper jewelry is delicate just like a flower. Here are some helpful tips on caring for your new piece!

*Please avoid direct contact with water! If your jewelry accidentally gets wet, dry carefully with a soft cloth or tissue and let dry completely before wearing again.

*Avoid long term exposure to humid environments (I.E Bathrooms)

*Apply all perfume, skin & hair products and wait until dry before putting on your jewelry. This is a good practice with all jewelry especially those with delicate gemstones like opals or pearls!

*Always put on holding metal over paper- this will help it stay in its ideal shape.

*When not wearing, I recommend storing your piece in its original box or separate from other items to avoid unintended damage.

Thank you for your purchase and most importantly enjoy your new jewelry! You look amazing!